Senco 1-Horsepower Peak 1-Gallon Compressor (Model PC1010)

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Senco PC1010 Gallon Compressor

It’s a noisy world out there, and that’s why engineers are working around the clock to come up with designs that are as quiet as they are powerful. The only thing that’s worse than a noisy pump is one with a small and non-consistent PSI. Due to this reason, Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak air compressor pump packs great power and is as quiet as two people having a conversation.

Senco PC1010 checks all the boxes of an ideal pump: power, affordability, durability, and noise.


Senco PC1010 boasts one horsepower peak and a half horsepower running, which is really amazing given its small size and lightweight design. This little compressor has an air compression limit of 130lbs and is, therefore, capable of inflating tires, mattresses, and water pressure tanks relatively quickly.

Its 120 PSI makes it great for artists and renovators as it works great with airbrushes and small nail guns but may not be suitable for large nail guns.


Compared to most air compressor pumps in the market, Senco PC1010 is quiet enough to allow you to have a phone conversation in the same room with it. It only produces 73 decibels of noise while running and 25 dbs ambient noise. And due to its small size, you can greatly reduce the noise level by closing it in a drawer. Its quietness makes it great for home renovators as it won’t disturb the homeowners.


No other air compressor pump will save you as much time as the Senco PC1010 pump will. It has a pump up time of about 130 seconds and a recovery time of 30 seconds, which, added to its lightweight feature (20 pounds), makes it great for trailers as well as renovators who are always on the move from site to site.


Senco PC1010 is an oil-free air compressor pump with 115 volts so you don’t have to worry about your electrical bill spiking. Being oil-free also has some great perks as you won’t have to deal with oil prices and routine maintenance such as cleaning up after oil spills.

Other features

Its code length is adequate as you also have to attach the hose code. It has a dimension of 14 inches by 13 inches and inches thick so it won’t take much space. You can put it on a shelf or store in your trunk and you will still have enough space for more stuff.

It is a single tank air compressor with one-gallon capacity and one hose which is perfect for trim jobs.


You can typically find this unit at less than $120 with a one year warranty. It’s really affordable compared to other air compressor pumps that retail over $150 and are not on the same level as Senco PC1010 when it comes to quality.


Whether you’re a home owner, artist, or renovator and you’re tired of bulky, noisy air pumps that rob you of your piece of mind, Senco PC1010 is the pump you’ve been looking for.

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