Paasche HSSB-30-16 Hobby Spray Booth Review

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Hobbyists who love their craft know that to produce exceptional finished products, an exceptional spray booth has to take an elevated position in the working space. The Paasche HSSB Hobby Spray Booth is a quality spray booth and for those who have it, the confident remark is “I have one of the best spray booths in the market.” Personally, I’ve had this premium spray booth for about 8 months now and for my airbrushing hobbyist needs, I’ve never had to wish I got another spray booth instead; that’s with me having two others in the workshop and using countless others at some point. What sells the Paasche HSSB 30 inch wide by 18 inches high varies from one owner to another, but the elite combination of having a rugged build clasped on efficient technology with enticing pricing definitely makes it a killer offer.

Effectiveness – 5/5

Equipped with a 115V double fan installation when a good number of pricier spray booths come with just one, you are guaranteed more air supply. The 30-inch width and the 18-inch height has been perfect for me, although there’s the extra option to combine two or more to get more room for your models. More room does not impede its efficiency as you get more exhaust hookups that keep the airflow optimal for use. It gets better when you learn of the 4-inch dryer duct adapter that is included.

Quality – 5/5

The premium build of the Paasche HSSB spray booth is a selling point that always gets attention. The spray booth is finished with galvanized metal that ensures easy cleaning and maintenance and consequentially leads to a longer-lasting spray booth. This is a delicate finishing to the internals that has a noise level rating of 45 decibels—that is enough to let you work without having to wear an earplug.

Ease of Use – 5/5

When it comes to fixing up your spray booth after purchase in your workspace, you don’t have to call an installer or invite a tech aficionado—even if you don’t open the hood of your non-electric vehicle. That’s because you simply have to look at the DIY set-up manual in your package and you will be able to set it up in no time. There’s not much button-pressing to do, it’s more about monitoring how your spraying is panning out on the material.

Price – 4.5/5

Instead of doling out $600 for other spray booths, you can part with less than that for this terrific spray booth in your workspace. For a complete premium offering of durable finishing, efficiency, and exemplary user-friendliness there’s no better deal-making this spray booth a recommended buy.

Overall – 4.7/5

It is difficult not to give this awesome piece of spraying equipment what it deserves which is 5 out of 5 stars. Its astute completeness for the professionals it is designed for does not allow for any jabs to be made at it. It offers so much for so less, rightfully making it a favorite for many who have need of a spray booth. When you’re in the market for a spray booth, do not fall short of the Paasche HSSB 30 inch spray booth, it will be a buy you will always appreciate.

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Paasche HSSB-30-16 Review

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