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Paasche D3000R CompressorPaasche is a name synonymous with quality and excellence
The Paasche name has long been synonymous with quality and has earned a solid reputation among those who know the value of an excellent product at a fair price and one that stands the test of time. One of my all-time favorite hobbies is building and detailing model airplanes and AFVs, and one of the most important components is the airbrushing. I recently purchased a Paasche D3000R airbrush that comes with a regulator and moisture trap from Amazon and I couldn’t be happier.

For those guys and gals who prefer compressors over flat screens 
For those of us who tends to be in our work sheds, and our “tools of the trade” happen to be airbrushes, compressors, and other tools instead of remotes and TVs, the Paasche D3000R compressor is a dude’s dream. For starters, having an air tank that keeps a better, constant flow of air is great, not to mention that the compressor only turns on when the air tank is running low, so it keeps my mind focused on the task at hand, versus becoming distracted by the noise of the compressor. There is no wheezing or “hiccuping” which makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Believe it or not, I’ve used my headphones and iPod in the past to actually drown out the noise from other compressors. The pressure regulator allows me to know what pressure I’m using at all times, plus adjust it accordingly, and the manual is easy to follow when I can’t figure something out by myself. I found the air flow in the Paasche D3000R to be controlled and constant, which takes an airbrush from “ok” to great. It even performs great at very low pressure, for when I’m using products like lacquers, etc. I can easily adjust the pressure in a precise manner, which is excellent for detailed work.

A steady, smooth stream of pressure without unexpected surges or hiccups
Another great aspect of this product is that the regulator’s reservoir tank allows for a steady, smooth stream of airbrush pressure without any surges, resulting in a better end product. And the automatic shut off application allows the unit to stay cool and only runs when the pressure in the tank gets low.

Convenient, easy ordering and shipping with no missing pieces
Ordering the Paasche D3000R compressor was an extremely easy process, and the price, which can typically be found for under $200 is extremely fair. I liked the fact that it shipped quickly and arrived with all the parts intact. I’ve had experiences in the past where products I had ordered online came piece by piece, or with missing or broken pieces. Between the manual and the toll-free phone number Paasche offers, any questions I had were answered in a quick, accurate, and efficient manner. I would absolutely recommend this compressor tank to my family, friends, and anyone who wants to amp up their precision and quality in their projects. I’ll definitely purchase more Paasche products in the future, they’re that good and come with the right price.

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Paasche D3000R Review

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