Master Airbrush Compressor TC-40T

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Master Airbrush TC-40T Compressor

If you want to choose a Piston Airbrush Compressor, you are in the right place. Before proceeding, it is important to note that a Master Airbrush Compressor is a professionally built compressor with a high-performance single-piston, perfect for airbrushing. It contains a storage tank regulator that comprises of a gauge and water trap filter.

It does not overheat for an extended period during usage due to the serious airbrusher that has been designed and built within it.

With thousands of buyers, the Master Airbrush Compressor TC 40T has continued to rise in popularity. As you are aware, Master Airbrush compressor models are sold around the world.


The TC 40T compressor has significant power for optimal performance. You will not regret using it even when you do not have back up power for a while. It has 1/6 horsepower which delivers high air volume of (0.8cfm) and air flow of (23lts/min).

If you compare this power with other models in the market, you will find this Master single-piston model has exceptional power and performance that is not available with other models.

Besides, it’s size has dimensions of 12.2” x 5.02” x 12.22” and a weight of 11.5 lbs.

Product Features

For any product to excel compared to its competition, it has to have features that are outstanding and worth buying compared to others. The Master Airbrush Compressor Model TC-40T has unique features, and these are described below:

  1. Air Adjustment: With the diaphragm pressure regulator, gauge, and water trap filter, it provides a precise adjustment thereby producing clean and dry air.
  2. Fan: The built-in fan maintains the temperature of the compressor at a cool level such that you can use it for a long time without the compressor overheating.
  3. Automatic Shut off Capability: Whenever pressure reaches 57psi, it automatically shuts off and turns once more when it goes down to 43psi. With such type of pressure regulation, you do not have to worry about overheating. This is because it is thermally protected with little to no chance of overheating.
  4. Portability: At 11.5 pounds, this is a light model such that one can carry it anywhere. The beauty in it is that it has a built-in handle that improves its portability feature.
  5. Provision of constant pressure: It is built in such a way that air gets drawn from the large air storage tank and pressure is uniformly regulated as you work on your project.
  6. Warranty: One of the most exciting aspects of this model compressor is that it has a 5-year warranty.


The master airbrush Compressor model TC-40T single piston is offered at a reasonable price, much lower than its competitors. This makes it a great entry- to the mid-level air compressor.


One of the exciting parts of the airbrush compressor, in my opinion, is its cool nature while running. Its silence makes it a product worth considering. The hose is made of exceptional quality and holds enough working pressure right until the end of your project.

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