Master Airbrush Portable Spray Booth

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Master Airbrush Portable Spray Booth

There are numerous applications of spray booths in various industries. Nevertheless, there has been an increased number of spray booths in the market thereby making it quite challenging to identify which one is reliable, robust, but still affordable.

You need not worry though if you are looking for a spray booth that incorporates all these attributes. This airbrush spray booth is the Master Airbrush Portable Hobby Airbrush Craft Spray Booth.


This portable airbrush spray booth is powerful with a fan of 25 Watts and an average fan extraction rate of 4 cubic meters per minute. It subsequently ensures that this high volume fan minimizes the spray gun materials and the fumes being emitted by the airbrush plus extracts overspray. Likewise, it operates at 12V DC making use of a direct plug which is in a 110V AC adapter with its electric cord being feet long. Therefore, this guarantees that it always works efficiently to meet all your painting without lapses in its performance which consequently would inhibit your productivity while airbrushing.

There also is an On / Off switch as well as a 7-1/2” diameter revolving table which permits you to reach all the areas you wish to paint. With this machine, you always get the guarantee that all your painting needs are attained plus it eradicates overspray and fumes without necessitating you to either stand at a spray or move things around.

Its dimensions when folded-up are 16.5” wide x 6” deep x 8” high whereas when set-up it changes to 16.5” wide x 19” deep x13.5” high. Thus, it is both compact and portable, so once you are done with your airbrushing duties, you can quickly put it away by folding it up into a small case thanks to its design and size which makes it very convenient. Furthermore, weighing only 8.5 pounds further aids in making it portable.

When it is running, it only produces 4 decibels so when turned on at maximum this comparable to the sound that a computer fan typically generates. Thus, you never have to deal with the irritating sound it produces when you are operating it.

Incorporated into its design are two layers of high-density booth filter 7/8” thick booth filter which comes with replacement filters.

It comes with an exhaust extension hose which lengthens up to 5.6 feet that is easy to aim with plus can be extended with ease. The hose is robust and rigid, proof of its remarkable quality, thus ensuring that it will not get damaged quickly and stays in the exact location you want it to be positioned. Additionally, attaching the hose is very simple as it only requires a screwdriver. You will be done with its installation within a few minutes.


This airbrush spray booth is available at an affordable price; offering you great value. Moreover, it comes with a full one-year warranty which however is not valid if this equipment is used with explosive or flammable materials or paints as well as hazardous materials.


The Master Airbrush Portable Hobby Airbrush Craft Spray Booth is an airbrush spray booth that you seriously need to consider. It is because it offers you excellent value while effectively performing in your all your airbrushing tasks.

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Master Airbrush Portable Spray Booth

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