Grex AC1810 Airbrush Compressor Review

Grex AC1810 Airbrush Compressor Review

I recently purchased the Grex GCK01 combo kit. It comes with the AC1810 air compressor along with the Genesis XT airbrush. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I consider myself a fine artist, working with everything from murals and paintings to model planes, and I have come to realize that attention to detail makes all the difference. This product demonstrates that tenfold. It basically has everything ready in a box and is one of the most comfortable and easy to use compressors on the market today. The Grex name stands alone in terms of quality and durability, and this product is no exception.

A kit for anyone interested in the art of fine detailing
I purchased the kit which is perfect for someone like myself, who has a longstanding love of detailing. I travel to various art shows throughout the country displaying my work, which I also sell, so quality is imperative. It is also something I would purchase as a gift for my son or grandchildren, who are novices. It’s that easy to use. It’s quick to set up and assemble along with being compact and stylish so it’s not “the eyesore” in the woodshed. There’s an instructional DVD if you have questions and I have found it to be one of the quietest pieces I’ve acquired thus far. Its pistol-trigger Genesis XT airbrush ensures a quality finish with precision, accuracy and beauty. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easier to use and transport than other, more cumbersome products.

Easy to order, easier to use
The GCK01 combo kit is also easy to order plus I received free shipping. Instructions were easy to follow. However if you have any questions on how to use any part of the product, Grex offers a toll free number you could call, or you could log onto their website and navigate your way around and find the answers you’re looking for. The AC1810 airbrush is stylish and comes with many features. It’s extremely portable for artists on the go, so if you travel to art or craft shows and need quick touch ups, it’s the perfect tool. I found that it, along with most other products I’ve purchased from Grex, to be of the utmost quality. For my line of work, I need something to be effective, portable and reliable, and the GCK01 combo kit passed those tests with flying colors.

I’ve tried many airbrush compressors, and this is one of the best!
I would recommend this product, along with any product in the Grex line to anyone who has a passion for detail and will settle for nothing less than exceptional quality. It is perfect for those who work with the fine arts, textiles and clothing, body art, makeup, and everything in between. Its smooth functionality, portability and easy to use application are great for both the beginner and seasoned artist. I’ve tried other products on the market, but so far, nothing can compare to the Grex line, or the AC1810 compressor with Genesis XT airbrush. To me, this product exceeds five stars.

Buy now at a great price!


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