Badger TC910 Aspire Pro Review

Badger TC910 Aspire Pro Review

Durability and functionality that stands above the competition
I retired years ago from corporate America, but always had a love for woodworking and did it as a hobby, often making gifts for my children and now grandchildren, so quality and durability are key. I’ve used the Badger line of products for many years and have been impressed with their quality, effectiveness and durability. In fact, I still have some of the same Badger tools I used from when I first started. Now, what began as a hobby has become my full-time post-retirement profession (but I love it!). Therefore, I continue to rely on the Badger name whenever I need tools.

Badger is a name you can trust
Recently, I purchased the Badger Air-Brush-Co TC910 Compressor for some woodworking and model projects I wanted to give as Christmas gifts. I was a little worried because I was ordering so late and Christmas is right around the corner. However, true to its name and quality standards, the Badger Compressor arrived on time and with all pieces accounted for. There’s something to be said for that- I’ve had nightmare experiences in the past where other manufacturer’s products came “in pieces” and not all in the box. I found this unit to be extremely well built, something I’ve come to expect from the Badger brand. The unit is powerful, extremely quiet, and effective. If I had to say anything negative about the product it would be that the case hides the on/off switch, which makes it difficult to use the switch unless your fingers are small.

Unmatched quality
The effectiveness of the Badger TC910 is unmatched in my opinion for smaller projects. It produces a quality product, the manuals are relatively easy to understand (although if you have questions you can always log onto and find a live support staff or call them directly) and its compactness makes it easy to store. It’s extremely easy to maneuver and its built in handle and two airbrush holders make moving it around my work area a breeze. Another benefit to the Badger TC910 is that it’s quiet because it has a built in water filter, which makes it unlike many of the other compressors. I found that I can still listen to the game or music while I’m working. The small air tank will hold approximately five minutes of pressure for about five minutes at 20 PSI before the compressor starts. The functionality is terrific on this compressor.

One star shy of five
Again, in conjunction with the case hiding the on/off switch, the only other negative comment that would prevent me from giving the Badger TC910 a five star review would be the external case. While attractive to the eye, it makes it challenging to adjust or read the regulator. Other than that, I would recommend this product to anyone who is either a seasoned woodworker, model plane enthusiast, or anyone with a hobby that involves airbrushing and compressing. The quality is exceptional, the price is right, they offer free shipping, and it stands the test of time.

Buy now at a great price!


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  • William Wright says:

    Thanks for your review as i’m considering buying this compressor to replace my worn out Silentaire. I’m now sure it will be A very nice replacement

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