AW Pro 1/3 HP Twin-Cylinder Airbrush Compressor

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AW Pro Twin-Cylinder Airbrush Compressor

If you are looking for a top-quality piston compressor, then this is the best place for you. Any artist, hobbyist, or creative person loves airbrush compressors. It is the masterpiece behind perfect designs on cakes, walls, or cars.  AW Pro compressor is a professionally designed product that is manufactured using a combination of premium materials making it last longer.

This AW Pro features an up-to-date design with the shape of twin-cylinder. Its polished surface is anti-stain and corrosion-free which helps maintain the shiny appearance. The compressor operates with an air tank of 1 gallon or 3.5 liters capacity.


The compressor runs smoothly with two twin pistons that produce at 1/3 horsepower which provides intense pressure and air volume of 1.3 CFM for your work. Due to its precision forge, the twin pistons provide higher power. This enables you to complete any pressure airbrush related tasks within less time and most importantly, conveniently. The compressor consumes less power regardless of the twin design.

When you compare the power and performance of AW Pro Twin Cylinder Airbrush compressor, you will find that it is more optimal than other compressors available on the market from different brands. Moreover, this compressor measures 12-1/5 inches H X 5-3/4 inches W X 13-3/4 inches L. It is easy to carry the product as it comes with a handle. Besides being compact, the AW Pro is also lightweight featuring a weight of 16lbs.

Product Features

Any product with outstanding features that are worthy of selling on the market makes the product like a hot cake.  This AW Pro Twin Cylinder Airbrush compressor has unique features that make it better than other compressors.

  • One gallon air tank: Besides its lightweight, it comes with a compact size that offers you a perfect fit for all of your works.
  • Auto switch-off and on power-saving mode: It has two power-saving modes that suit different tasks. With auto-start mode begins at 3-bar and stops at 4-bar while the second switch stops 7-bar maximum. This maximum power mode offers around 100psi. The auto stop and auto-start allow power-saving and help in reducing heat and motor as well as maintaining the pressure that is enough for operating most airbrushes.
  • Rubber washers: The compressor has these rubbers to protect the working surface from being damaged by metal.
  • Produces little noise: This AW Pro Airbrush produces less which can’t prevent neighbors from concentrating on their work.
  • Portability: The compressor has a handle that enables you to move it around in the house or outdoor.

Final Thoughts

The compressor runs smoothly and produces less noise which may not have any impact for people around who are reading or watching TV. You can consider trying this compressor as it is of premium and durable quality that is designed to last many years and generally offered at a much better price than comparable airbrush compressors.

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